Waterloo to Anywhere - Dirty Pretty Things

The band's debut album, Waterloo to Anywhere, was released in May 2006, reaching number three on the music charts, to massive acclaim.

The track ‘Bang Bang, You're Dead’ �was released on 24th April 2006 and reached number five in the UK singles chart in its first week on sale. Other tracks from the album were released later, and had success in their own right.

1. Deadwood
2. Doctors and Dealers�
3. Bang Bang You're Dead
4. Blood Thirsty Bastards
5. The Gentry Cove
6. Gin & Milk
7. The Enemy
8. If You Love a Woman
9. You Fucking Love It
10. Wondering
11. Last of the Small Town Playboys
12. B.U.R.M.A.


Two new free online studio tracks were released in late 2006:
Come Closer
Radio Song