Carl Barat�s Career

Perhaps forever associated with Pete Doherty, Carl was co-founder and co-front-man of indie, punk and garage rock revivalists The Libertines. They released two hugely successful albums � ‘Up the Bracket’� and ‘The Libertines' � successful in the United Kingdom, the United States and around the globe. The band was triumphed not only by the press and critics, but by the numbers of albums sold.

The Libertines disbanded after their farewell gig on 17th December 2004. Carl fell out with Pete Doherty, and though the reasons for this have only been speculated on (never confirmed), it later became highly public that Pete had a severe heroin and cocaine addiction, in which alcohol too played its part. Though the duo have since performed together, and recognise that together they create a unique energy and appealing chemistry, the two have always denied that they have any plans to write or perform as a formal partnership again.

Barat established an indie rock club in London which he named the Dirty Pretty Things in June 2004, where he still regularly works as the in-house DJ. In the samke year he formed a new band, which took the same name. �By July 2005, the Dirty Pretty Things had released their first recorded tracks under the Vertigo Records who Barat had worked with before.

‘Waterloo to Anywhere’, their debut album, was released on the 8th May 2006. It got to number 3 in the british music charts and won plaudits from critics and the public alike.

In April 2007, Pete Doherty and Carl Barat reunited to play a dozen songs together at the second of Pete Doherty's "An Evening with . . . " gigs at the Hackney Empire, London.

The Dirty Pretty Things released a straight to DVD movie, ‘Puffing ‘On a Coffin Nail’ on the 16th October 2006. They went on to release a number of online singles, and seemed to be constantly on tour throughout 2007. However, with no new material to keep the band moving forward, the Dirty Pretty Things split up in 2008, and Barat launched himself as a solo artist, performing on his own at a variety of venues throughout the UK.

In 2010, Barat put aside his music career to star in Sam Shepard’s play ‘In Fool For Love’ alongside Sadie Frost.� Barat and Frost played a couple stuck in a motel room on the edge of the Mojave Desert and equally trapped in a heart-rending love-hate relationship. �The play, at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, was described as a "bleak but savagely funny drama".