Playing it Safe

On Crazy nights out, whether in the UK or in Europe, crazy things can happen.
Whilst we would always want to fan the spirit of adventure, and to share our obsession with pushing back the envelope, we would always stress to you to have a back up plan.
Insurance may seem lame, and a waste of money, but when you need it and haven’t got it, then things can look a whole lot different.
It is cheap, it is worth it, and it can save you a fortune. It means you can shelve your worries and those nagging stressy voices, and lets you get on with what you want to do � whether to explore, to party or to experience something new.
The insurance you need can be split into two: 1. Travel Insurance � rebates on cancelled flights, reimbursements for lost luggage, and 2. Medical Insurance � which will fix that dicky tummy, broken arm or argument with the deckchair, and will get you home when you need to get home.